Our People

At TaylorCrabbe we believe that our firm’s greatest assets are the people who make up our team. We have adopted a conscious and deliberate approach to the building of our team. This approach focuses on not only finding people with the right amount of expertise and professionalism, but also a commonality of approach and shared values. It is the combination of our expertise and our shared vision that allows us to secure the best result for all our clients.

Our people are hard-working, self-motivated and aim to deliver the best results in the shortest time possible. Of most importance however, is the fact that at TaylorCrabbe we embody a genuine concern for our clients’ welfare and strive to attain the best outcomes for our clients at all times.

Key Management

 Clement Kojo Akapame                                           Nana Tawiah Okyir                                                      Bernard Obeng Boateng



As part of TaylorCrabbe’s commitment to law development and the teaching of a new way of thinking, TaylorCrabbe offers the opportunity for law students to intern at the firm whilst in law school. It stems from the invaluable experience the founding partners gained as a result of such work relationships whilst in law school.

                  Albert Agyepong                                                                                              Kofi Akuamoah