TaylorCrabbe has a tradition of grooming talented law students with raw potential into global industry savvy lawyers who are able to think outside the box to solve challenges for clients, be it an individual, corporation or government. At TaylorCrabbe, we do not just use innovation to find solutions within the existing law, we also lead the process of changing the law. A career with TaylorCrabbe is an opportunity to contribute to meaningful change in the law. Ordinarily, prospective associates are scouted while in law school and groomed through a series of internships and part-time work opportunities. However, TaylorCrabbe is open to accepting associates at all entry levels provided they possess the requisite skills and character to work with us.


TaylorCrabbe is a multidisciplinary firm. This means that we engage in diverse areas of practice. We provide clients with dispute resolution services, corporate and commercial transactions advise and law and development consultancy services. A typical day at TaylorCrabbe involves representing a client in court in the morning and preparing a technical legal report by close of day. Therefore, working at TaylorCrabbe means you should be prepared to transit seamlessly between the various areas of practice. As well as work with local and foreign clients.


TaylorCrabbe is carving a niche for itself as a leader in multidisciplinary practice in Ghana. The firm is looking for individuals who can turn an impressive academic track record into pragmatic legal and technical skills. At the bare minimum, a TaylorCrabbe lawyer should possess strong critical thinking and analytical skills.
In addition to legal skills, TaylorCrabbe looks out for people with specific personal skills. A TaylorCrabbe lawyer is one who can bring clarity to complex situations, committed to excellence and can think critically. A TaylorCrabbe lawyer should also be someone who can work harmoniously in a team and represent the brand and its beliefs of generosity, hard work and good deeds.


If you believe you have what it takes to be a TaylorCrabbe lawyer or intern, express your interest attached with a copy of your CV by mail to info@taylorcrabbegh.com. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
The application process differs from year to year in order to keep it competitive. However, an applicant who is successfully considered should expect to be assessed on their oral and verbal communication skills, their critical thinking skills and their knowledge of the law.

Applications are open all year round for internships, training programmes and pupillage.