Strip GBC of mandate to collect TV license fees – Clement Akapame

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A Lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Faculty of Law, Clement Akapame, has proposed that offices like Ghana Standards Authority or the Ghana Revenue Authority should assume responsibility of the gathering of TV permit charges rather than the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

In his view, this will give the permit some more authenticity and facilitate the worries some Ghanaians have concerning the use of the income gathered.

GBC formally reintroduced the gathering of the TV License expenses in 2015 following quite a while of putting it on hold due to non-installments.

Local TV clients are to pay amongst GHc36 and GHc60 for at least one TV sets in a family unit while TV set repairers and deals outlets are to pay a yearly entirety of between GHc60 to GHc240.

This has been trailed by the setting up of an uncommon court to arraign defaulting TV proprietors or administrators.

“I am not against government raising revenue to resource a public broadcaster. I am against the appropriateness of a tax and how the tax is even collected,” the lecturer said.

“The fitting organization to gather these charges or to set measures for the installment of TV permit expenses isn’t GBC. GBC is just intrigued by the income and individuals are against GBC gathering it since we’re not getting an incentive from GBC.”

At the point when the income accumulation is stripped of the GBC’s domain, “it winds up noticeably free of the GBC with the goal that those assets that come to government, the administration would now be able to choose how to designate those assets,” Mr. Akapame clarified.

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